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EyeLED Luminaire Recessed Down Lights


The Elumen EyeLED down light is a compact and powerful energy efficient down light that is ideal for both residential and commercial limited space applications, including ceilings, niches, bookshelves, displays and cabinets: where energy savings, long life and functional delivered light levels are required.

· 100% sustainable: all components are replaceable, recyclable, and/or reusable
· Multiple trim option available
· Eliminates maintenance and bulb costs for up to 50 replacements
· 9 and 17 Watt option available

Color Temperature
2,700 k - 3,000 k - 3,500 k - 4,000 k - 5,000 k 

EyeLED Luminaire Recessed Down Lights - Datasheet

350 mA


700 mA


Elevator Application